The Ten Commandments of Leftist Policies

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Always remember this about the Leftists and the  policies they advocate:

  1. The policies they advocate almost always are based on emotion rather than on rational analysis.
  2. Virtue signaling one-upmanship, and ideological purity contests, with other Leftists is always a feature of their policies.
  3. They have complete indifference to possible negative consequences of whatever they are advocating.
  4. Economics and Leftists haven’t been on speaking terms for a very long time.
  5. They tend to operate in ideological bubbles where dissent from Leftism is not tolerated, and heresy hunting for any deviation from current Leftist pieties is a popular pass-time.
  6. They continually engage in  straight line thinking and usually do not consider the impact of advances in technology on their policy means and goals.
  7. Government coercion is always their first resort.
  8. Hurting private enterprise is for them a feature not a bug.
  9. There is almost always a strong element of contempt for ordinary people who do not share their ideology.
  10. They will demonize those who oppose them as part of their normal mode of operation.

See how many of these elements are contained in straw bans:


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  1. Let me add their first and greatest commandment. No matter what they say, the Left is only and always about the accumulation of power. A corollary of this is that the Left will never be satisfied. Whenever you concede anything, they immediately begin agitating for something else and you are still the enemy.

  2. This sort of thing is what you’d expect from the lesser sort of elementary school teacher. Guess where the Democratic Party is getting its campaign volunteers?

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