PopeWatch: Maradiaga

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Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register gives us this news of a protege of Cardinal Maradiaga:


Pope Francis today accepted the resignation of Bishop Juan Jose Pineda Fasquelle, the auxiliary bishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The bishop was at the center of allegations of sexual abuse and financial misconduct in the archdiocese which led to an apostolic visit in May 2017 at the Pope’s request.

The Honduran prelate was a protégé of Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga, the archbishop of Tegucigalpa, and in recent months had been left in charge of the archdiocese in the cardinal’s absence.

Cardinal Maradiaga is the coordinator of the C9 Group of Cardinals advising the Holy Father on Church reform.

A source follows up with this comment to Pentin:


A source with knowledge of the case told the Register July 20 that “we’ve been waiting for this day in Honduras.”

Today’s announcement means “those who have suffered obtain partial justice,” the source added. “The Church has taken steps on the path of truth.”

But he lamented that Bishop Pineda remains a bishop and that the hierarchy “keeps covering for these abusers.”

Backing reports also obtained from other sources, he said Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga was “aware of everything but always sided with Pineda and not the truth” and that the institutions meant to deal with these cases, such as the apostolic nunciature, “were overridden.”

Go here to read the rest.  Cardinal Maradiaga has always struck PopeWatch as a villain straight from Central Casting.

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  1. And as an extra added attraction, Maradiaga is receiving his cancer treatment in his least favorite country, the USA. Funny when you want the best care, your prejudice disappears. Treatments paid in full by the same pew sitters his assistant was stealing from, of course.

  2. No wonder so many Hondurans have left the Church. Maradiaga is a disgusting little weasel. he bashes the US and was living the Life of Riley.

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