Ten Years of TAC: PopeWatch: Worst Pope Since Alexander VI

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(The American Catholic will observe its tenth anniversary in October.  We will be reposting some classic TAC posts of the past.  This post is from September 24, 2015.)



Pope Yammers Full Paragraphs About Immigration, Dialogue with Cuba, and Global Warming; Mentions Protecting the Unborn in a Single Sentence

For some time, I’ve heard conservative Catholics defend the Pope by saying that the left amplifies and celebrates the Pope’s left-leaning cant, but ignores the things that appeal to traditionalists.

The problem with that is that while he does occasionally say things that appeal to traditionalists, he rarely says them, as if he’s obligated to say such things as the cost of getting to talk about what he really wants to talk about, which is Income Inequality and Global Warming.

Today’s performance is further evidence of that.

Yes, he made an allusion to abortion, not daring to speak it by name, and similarly made the vaguest allusion to gay marriage (not actually even taking a stance on it).

Then he yammered for long stretches about Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.

I’ve tried to not speak much about the Pope due to 1, respect for my Catholic readers, 2, my complete lack of knowledge of the sorts of things Popes typically say, and 3, generally not caring, but it seems impossible at this point to continue to indulge the optimistic wishcasting of right-leaning Catholics that Francis is merely “complex” and sometimes “misunderstood.”

I think we understand him just fine.

The left media is not just hallucinating this, or presenting a biased version of the Pope as they wish he were. He is in fact on the left on every single position he’s liturgically permitted to be on the left on.

Posted by: Ace at 02:18 PM
Go here to read the comments.  One of the more bleakly amusing aspects of the current Pontificate is seeing conservative Catholics bend themselves into pretzels in order to deny the obvious:  that except for a handful of issues Pope Francis is a man of the left, and that he is hell-bent in putting the prestige of the Church in service to left wing causes.  Conservative Catholics are used to viewing the popes as champions and it is painful for many of them to openly oppose the Pope.  I was never in their number, but I long hoped that Pope Francis was not as bad as I feared.   He is not as bad as I feared, he is worse.  He is an ignorant man who embraces ideologies and causes that would succeed only in spreading poverty, misery and the triumph of a nihilistic left, followed swiftly by the triumph of Islam.  He is prostituting the office of Peter to join in alliance with people who have nothing but contempt for the Catholic Church.  He is the worst pope the Church has seen since Alexander VI.  I pray that God will grant him either new wisdom or a short papacy.  As for me, I vow to oppose him and to join with other Catholics who share my belief that his election as Pope has been an unmitigated disaster for the Church.

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  1. I had a long discussion with a fellow Catholic this morning after running into them in an aisle of Walmart in Arkansas (AR.) I am 52 & for my adult life has been deeply & effectively involved in the Arkansas Right to Life (ARTL) movement at the local, state, & national levels. Until about 2013, when all 5 constitutional officers & the state legislature became Republican (which means at least the profess to be pro-life,) the people in control of our state, Democrats, were staunchly pro-abortion. During the hardest times to do so, the faithful ARTL members & contributors held it together & were fully supported by the Catholic Bishop, morally & financially. Our current Bishop feels no such compunction. Instead he has made very public inflammatory & slanderous allegations against ARTL basically stating that it is not truly pro-life because it does not address all of the “new ideas” of what the bishop & current pope demand. Bishop Taylor had threatened to stop a large amount of monthly funding to ARTL, a non-Catholic organization, if the ARTL board, allowed our Republican Arkansas attorney general to speak at the annual ARTL walk for life. Our prolifically pro-life, as in fights abortion tooth & nail at every level having just won against Planned Parenthood, Arkansas AG is not up to our bishop’s approval. Ostensibly, Bishop Taylor disagreed with the AG’s having fought in court to allow the execution of a few convicted murders to be put to death–which is our AG’s job. Bishop Taylor also disagrees with the current Republican leadership of the state on several issues as you can imagine. These murderers, for whom our AG fought to have their sentence carried out, had exhausted their appeals. One of them was a man who raped & murdered my family’s book keeper & beat her 11 year old daughter unconscious who was demanding to be put to death. Since Bishop Taylor was unable to control the public officials who were allowed to speak at the annual March, he very publicly announced he would not be attending & very publicly attacked ARTL & their work. The bishop very privately & secretly stopped the funding from out diocese, again of thousands of dollars a year, to the ARTL. This past January is the first time, ever, for our bishop to not attend the ARTL March For Life. This is the first time in at least 40 years that the ARTL has not received this funding from the Catholic diocese. Both a Catholic & a Protestant friend, with whom I agree, have told me that Bishop Taylor has damaged the Catholic Church in this state for at least a full generation by his prideful & arrogant shenanigans. Bishop Taylor also had a statement read to all of the churches under his control in which he condemned the US & stated that we have hardened our hearts toward immigrants while he declared that there is a “universal human right to immigration. I have decided that at least half of my tithe money, that would normally be under Bishop Taylor’s control, will now be going to ARTL for as long as he is our bishop. ARTL has saved thousands of unborn babies’ lives in this state by their work over the years. I will not abandon them. There is more fallout over the bishop’s shenanigans/political power plays, but there is not room not time to list it all here.

  2. Thomas Meagher at his death sentencing (was commuted to transport to Australia) in 1848 Ireland told the court that we all will be judged by a different Judge: one of infinite justice and mercy. And, that many of the judgments of this World will be reversed.

    Seen elsewhere on the net: “Socialism Cannot Flourish Without Ignorance.”

    He’s a witless tool of a miniscule gang of self-interested elites that thinks it runs the World.

    Papa Frank is walking, talking proof for papal fallibility.

  3. Like most bishops, Bishop Taylor is a wolf in shepherd’s clothing. On the bright side, he just made this observation clear to everyone. Clarity is a good thing.

  4. I concur that Pope Francis is not actually confusing. He lacks precision but that doesn’t mean the same thing as confusing. The confusion only happens if one tries to fit his thought and action within a hermeneutic of conformity to the historic teachings and actions of the Church. If one interprets things rather in accord with what he says and does, his meaning and intent is obvious, though not always lucid.

  5. Where is the head of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops when we have scandalous bishops like Taylor? Innocents continue to be murdered by abortion because of silence from Rome and the hierarchy of the Church. These men are craven and sinful by omission.

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