Well, This Sounds Reasonable

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News that I missed while on vacation, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:



VATICAN CITY—Following his recent announcement that the Catholic Church no longer supports the use of the death penalty, Pope Francis clarified that it may still be applied to slow left-lane drivers. “It almost goes without saying,” the leader of the Church commented.

Whereas prior Church teaching allowed the death penalty in certain cases, the Catechism now teaches that the punishment is always impermissible. “Except,” said a Vatican spokesman, “for those reprobate souls who just hang out in the left lane as if nobody else has anywhere to be.”

Go here to read the rest.  Yes, but what about tailgaters?  Can’t they at least be maimed?

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  1. Agreed. The more difficult theological question is whether capital punishment is actually required for left lane hogs, or simply permitted.

  2. Well, Sun of a gun! I was just going to pop off a quick email to B-16, you know, the real pope? to ask his thoughts about us Americans making it legal to send 480 A/C through perps who commit identity theft.

  3. One horrible thing about El Paso:

    ALL THE TWITS WITH MEXICAN PLATES that are not going twenty to thirty over, are in the inside lane going five to ten under…unless someone ahead is using a turn-around, in which case they’re going even slower.

    We’ve literally applauded folks with Mexican plates that are following the traffic laws.

    (it sucks, because the roads are beautifully designed– the freeways in town all make it easy to dodge off for an exit or two, which improves flow of traffic in case of an accident, and there are constant opportunities to turn around in other areas. The most frequent comment from my navigation unit is “make a u-turn”…and it’s possible, in a one-ton van. Easily. And it’s not because I drove past the exit…..)

  4. I think ‘tailgaters’ are necessary to this development of mindset on punishment plan by their very maimed nature because they follow too closely to be circumspect. A useful trait for politicians seeking support for the senseless.
    (from liturgical notes blog)
    “5 August 2018
    More on Deathgate

    The Latin text has now been published; and there is indeed no suggestion that the death penalty is intrinsece malum. That would have been overt heresy.

    On the contrary: the accompanying letter to bishops makes clear that the death penalty is not intrinsece malum. “The new formulation … desire to give energy to a movement towards a decisive commitment to favour a mentality … in respectful dialogue with civil authorities … encourage the creation of conditions …”

    Suppose this were a matter of abortion or trafficking women for sex or paedophilia or genocide. The Magisterium would demand that the practice at once stop, not rabbit on about Favouring Mentalities and Encouraging Conditions. This is not how the Catholic Church talks about grave moral offences. ”

    In the prudential sphere, I think, as I explained yesterday, that aspects of this move are profoundly unfortunate. Not least, the impression given through manipulation of the media that doctrine has been changed. ”

    That line in the accompanying letter to Bishops is a quagmire.

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