Elizabeth Heng

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Thirty-three year old Republican Elizabeth Heng is running for Congress against Democrat incumbent Jim Costa in California’s Central Valley.  The Leftists at Facebook blocked her above ad, go here to read  all about it, and go here to read about Heng.  I can see why they obviously fear her since she radiates raw political talent and has a compelling personal story.  Jim Costa, a sixty-six year old typical cookie cutter liberal career politician, is in the fight of his political life.

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  1. The miniscule numbers of self-interested billionaires, democrats, socialists and establishment GOP demonstrably ain’t too bright.

    However, they know that popular movements are aborted by denying access to mass communications/media, and denying assembly and free association. Hitler, Mao, Stalin knew it, too.

  2. What a beautiful ad. The left are scared as hell.

    They must feel the need to silence truth, suppress it and those associated with it because they see their future in the sh-t hole…where it belongs.

  3. Dare to point out the evils of atheist communism and the adversity Heng’s parents went through to overcome it and get banned by Facebook…I guess pointing out the evils of Maoist/Stalinist types is now “hate speech.”

    “One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.” The heartless Joseph Stalin

  4. I’m curious to know what the polling numbers reveal.

    Rothenberg isn’t expecting the seat to filp.

    What’s interesting about this is the degree to which people operating as a common carrier are taking sides in these matters. It makes no sense from a business standpoint. The Post Office used to refer people to the Justice Department for distribution of obscene materials, but I think you’d have to scrounge to locate an impresario of direct mail political advertising who was sending out pictures of boobs and beavers. (Those of us of a certain age can recall that gliberal and leftoid publications used to run stories alarming their readers about Mr. Richard Vigurie, who was nefarious because something something somethingorother).

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