PopeWatch: Mum’s the Word

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The Pope thinks that his strategy of ignoring any criticism will work yet again:


‘I will not say a single word on this,’ Pope Francis told reporters on board the papal plane from Dublin to Rome

Pope Francis has dismissed claims from a former Vatican ambassador that he was made aware of sexual misconduct allegations against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. 

Francis urged members of the media to make a judgment about an explosive document released by Archbishop Carlo Vigano but that he will not respond to what it alleges. 

“I will not say a single word on this,” he told reporters on board the papal plane from Dublin to Rome. “I believe the statement speaks for itself. And you have the journalistic capacity to draw your own conclusions.”

During an in-flight press conference lasting 44 minutes, the Pope said he had read Archbishop Vigano’s 11-page testimony on Sunday morning, adding “I must tell you sincerely that, I must say this, to you and all those who are interested, read the statement carefully and make your own judgment.”

Francis then added to the journalist who asked the question on the flight: “I await your comment on the document, I would like that.”

Go here to read the rest.  Not this time Holy Father, not this time.


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  1. Innocent people act like this all the time. What a compete and utter fraud. Too bad tarring and feathering is a thing of the past. Be gone Satan!

  2. So we have “evolved” from, “Who am I to judge,” to “Make your own judgment?”
    It seems now the wolves are free to feast at will upon the confused sheep since the shepherd has now moved from ambiguity to silence.

  3. John Stuart Mill has described the difficulty of reforming a bureaucracy, ecclesiastical or civil

    “The Tsar himself is powerless against the bureaucratic body; he can send any one of them to Siberia, but he cannot govern without them or against their will. On every decree of his they have a tacit veto, by merely refraining from carrying it into effect. In countries of more advanced civilisation and of a more insurrectionary spirit… when the evil exceeds their amount of patience, they rise against the government, and make what is called a revolution; whereupon somebody else, with or without legitimate authority from the nation, vaults into the seat, issues his orders to the bureaucracy, and everything goes on much as it did before; the bureaucracy being unchanged, and nobody else being capable of taking their place.”

  4. I wonder what Pope Emeritus Benedict will say or do?

    1. Is he actually a prisoner?

    2. Was he blackmailed into abdicating by threats against his brother?

    His brother has a life expectancy of about 3 years. His is just shy of 4 years. If he’s been able to communicate with his cousin in Australia (next to his brother, his nearest relation) or with a trusted personage, we may have testimony from him read in a few years time.

  5. So we have “evolved” from, “Who am I to judge,” to “Make your own judgment?”
    Excellent reminder, Don.

    Until Pope Benedict retired we hadn’t seen a Pope Emeritus for hundreds of years.

    When’s the last time a Pope stepped down and can the lay faithful help expedite that?

  6. My head is still spinning from all of this, but has there been any mention of a paper trail? From Pope Benedict to Vigano re McCarrick? From Vigano to Francis re McCarrick? I know there is mention of discussion in the letter, but any hard evidence?

    Also, what of the Neinstedt case?

  7. So what does Mark what’s his name have to say about all this? Lemme guess. In typical left coast fashion, he will assert it’s all a vast right wing conspiracy. Just like what Hillary claimed concerning Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. This is most gratifying – to see that man’s Argentinian Marxist Peronist hero fall upon the Rock Who is Truth – the Person Christ Jesus. “Be not deceived. God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Buckle up, Jorgie boy! You’re on your way back to Argentina! “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin!”

  8. Mark Shea’s still mulling it over. His comboxers are broaching the topic. He has a meander up about bad bishops wherein he quotes one of the old Vox Nova crew.

  9. PM, I read the link. Thank you. The translation from Italian to English seems imperfect when it comes to pronouns. The archbishop calls his letter of August 26th his “memorial” and tells the blogger that he no longer has the cell he used to call him and is flying out of the country to an undisclosed place.
    Very cloak and dagger, but if all accusations of his letter is true, it is prudent of Archbishop Vigano to disappear.

  10. I wrote the papal nuncio to Canada yesterday expressing my disgust with Francis and demanding the pope resign. That was before the pope gave his non-answer answer on his flight home from Ireland. Away with this shitty enabler (his phraseology) of clerical sexual predators. Now I know why Romans threw the corpse of Pope Formosus (died 891 AD) and threw it into the Tiber.

  11. “Demand me nothing. What you know, you know.
    From this time forth I never will speak word” as Iago said

  12. Don

    The Pope finally listened to you!

    A while back you had a post with video — when you are accused of a crime you should remain silent and let your lawyer do the talking.

    I suppose he wioo escape prosecution, but the important thing is cleaning Christ’s Church. church

  13. Good lawyerly advice is rarely good advice for the Church as a whole. The Pope will have to respond with more, and probably before the end of the week. His artful liars at the Vatican are probably working 24-7.

  14. “Francis also addressed the question of abortion and homosexuality on the flight home, with his trip coming just a few months after a referendum to change Ireland’s abortion laws.
    “The problem of abortion is not religious,” he emphasised. “We are not against abortion for religion [religious reasons], no. It’s a human problem, and it should be studied anthropologically. To study abortion, beginning with the religious fact is to skip over thought. The problem of abortion should be studied anthropologically.”
    Francis went on: “There is always the anthropological problem of the ethics of eliminating a human being to resolve a problem. But this is already to enter into the discussion. I just want to underscore this: I will never allow that the discussion on abortion begins on the religious fact. No, it’s an anthropological problem, it’s a human problem. This is my thinking.”

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