In Case You Doubted That the Lavender Mafia is Calling the Shots at the Vatican

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The Vatican has rolled back on a recommendation by Pope Francis that parents seek psychiatric help for children who show homosexual tendencies.

The pope made the comments to journalists as he was flying back to Rome from Ireland, but the Vatican later removed his phrase from its official account, saying he had not meant to suggest that homosexuality was a mental illness.

The pope was asked by a journalist what he would say to parents who observe homosexual traits in their children.

“When it shows itself from childhood, there is a lot that can be done through psychiatry, to see how things are. It is something else if it shows itself after 20 years,” he said.

He added that ignoring a child who showed homosexual tendencies was an “error of fatherhood or motherhood”.

However, when the Vatican later published the pope’s answer, the reference to psychiatry had been removed.

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  1. Anything that comes out of his mouth is suspect at best and outright bull**** at worst. Jorge Bergoglio lost credibility with me some time ago. He has lost credibility with countless people inside and outside the Catholic Church.

    He crushed the FFI.
    He praised Communism.
    He was caught lying about the Chilean sex abuse scandal and was openly corrected by Cardinal O’Malley.
    He committed the equivalent of fraud when he rigged the synod that dumped Amoris latetia (awful secretions) on the Church.
    He thinks he can change Church doctrine to whatever suits Reinhard Marx and Walter Kasper, two heretics that need to be locked up in a Cistercian monastery for life. Marx has eaten enough to feed a Third World country for a decade.
    He has left Maradiaga in his position despite the reports of abuse from Honduras.
    Cupich, Tobin, McElroy…… best, questionable. In reality, all three are disgraces to the Church.
    What Bergoglio permitted McCarrick to do can not be excused. What McCarrick did, Bergoglio is guilty of aiding and abetting. So is Wuerl.

    I want this fraud of a priest taken out of Vatican City in an orange jumpsuit and leg irons. The Society of Jesus needs to be suppressed indefinitely.

    So Kevin Williamson says the American Church is damaged beyond repair. He doesn’t know us very well, does he?

  2. NOTE that homosexual activist James Martin SJ is consultant to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications—appointed my Pope Francis in 2017..

  3. Vocations to the priesthood Ad campaign;

    We are looking for a few good men!
    The rest can be pederasts, pedophiles, perverts and sodomites.
    We are an equal opportunity establishment. Who are we to Judge?

    The Lavender Mafia must be snuffed out.

    Infiltration into the nest.
    Arrests and convictions.
    Jail time.

    That’s a start.

  4. Interesting comment by the “Pope”. As usual, he said nothing Catholic. My take, is that as a fellow thug, he appreciates the coercive nature of psychiatry, and its limits. Question: What percentage of shrinks are believing Catholics of the pre V2, St. Pius X, old school, sort? 1%? Less? I don’t know how it would be possible to be both. It would be quite a feat. Is not the embrace of psychiatry and psychology by an enfeebled Church another symptom of Modernism?

  5. That was a loaded question from the reporter, but not an unexpected one. The pope is not a developmental pediatrician nor a psychiatrist. He should have sidestepped the question and kept his mouth shut; however he loves to hear himself talk, and see his quotes in the press. Was the reporter asking the question in hopes that the pope would declare that children can be determined or diagnosed to be gay before puberty, and that they are born that way. Neither has been proven as far as I know. The American Association of Psychologists stated quite a while ago that homosexuality is not a mental illness – a big plus for the LGBT (or whatever combo of abbreviations are currently in vogue. It’s hard to keep up) lobby.

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