Cupich Again

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Cardinal Blase Cupich, symbol of the current Pontificate, strikes again:


Cardinal Blase Cupich has instructed Chicago-area priests to deliver a statement at Mass this weekend slamming a local TV news report that he calls “misleading,” saying it was edited to suggest he and Pope Francis were downplaying the ongoing clergy sex abuse scandal.

The clip came toward the end of a two-minute segment that aired Aug. 27 on NBC5 about the Archdiocese of Chicago cooperating with Illinois Attorney Gen. Lisa Madigan’s review of abuse allegations across the state. Since the interview aired, Cupich has been castigated across the internet for being seemingly insensitive to the sex abuse crisis.

Go here to read the rest.  A transcript of the entire interview, go here to read it, is available and it isn’t any prettier.  This section for example is even more damning:


Cupich: Well I think that the Holy Father on the airplane had exactly the kind of answer that was needed.

He was asked about the letter of the Archbishop Vigano. He said he read it. He encouraged the media to read it carefully and to come to their own conclusions. And that he would not have any final statement – any other statement on it. I think what he was signaling is two things; the first is that, you have to see whether or not these remarks stand up to scrutiny.

There are so many things in there that he says about so many people that it’s impossible to try to get into the weeds on this. And he [the pope] trusts the media to use their skills, their expertise, and, he said, their maturity to explore these questions.

For instance, look at the language of the letter and compare it to the language that’s in these websites and news outlets that released the document. There’s so many parallels there in terms of the kinds of things that they’re attacking the Holy Father and other people about. The other is look at, look at- look at these things that were said on an individual basis.

That’s why I clarified it. I offered a statement that addressed the three areas that he said about me. I suspect others are going to be doing the same thing.

So the news media now needs to go and press him for information. I read the Washington Post and other major newspapers and their first line always is, he’s made these accusations but offered no proof. Let’s let the news media do their job here.

But for the Holy Father, I think to get into each and every one of those aspects, in some way is inappropriate and secondly, the pope has a bigger agenda. He’s gotta get on with other things of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the Church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.

In Cupich the Pope got a leftist who would be loyal to his agenda.  He also got a doofus who isn’t too bright obviously, as demonstrated by his efforts in damage control which only extends the life of the story.

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  1. Living not to far from his former diocese, people of that diocese are once again shouting with joy that, that man is gone. They continue to pray for the poor souls of Chicago.
    Thank God for the Priest at my Parish, how long will it take for the Church to realize sexual abuse towards anyone is a result of sin. Sin is the result of an unholy life where one literally embraces evil. “We will be talking about this scandal 20 years from now if we think a procedure or a new committee will solve this. Grow a pair Cupcake and go to confession.

  2. Were I a priest under Cupich’s authority, I would remind the parishioners first that I’m required to be obedient and it is only in that spirit that I’m reading this to you, as required by my superior.
    After that, I assume I’d be subject to immediate transfer to that old inner-city Church where Mass is hard to say because of the police sirens going on every couple minutes…..

  3. Don

    Our pastor read the letter during the sermon, making sure to say It was The Cardinal’s letter. He did not comment on the letter itself, then he made a made a one sentence statement of sympathy for the victims and denouncing the perpetrators.

    Later at the announcements he mpore strongly restated his personal disapproval and recommended some web sites that that give a better perspective.

    I would say as strong as he can make without being fired.

    The Cardinal’s letter itself was the Francis supporter’s party line. Nothing that will come back at him except for being dull.

  4. The Vast Rightwing Conspiracy isn’t going to keep the Pope, Cupich, Wuerl, Tobin, et. al. from doing the work of the American Catholic People, eh?

    Good luck with the second half of that particular strategy, accusing the accusers of being a bunch of sex-obsessed perverts because all they care about is the sex-obsessed perverts in the oval office hierarchy.

  5. Out of touch leadership Hank in any organization ultimately falls back on demanding obedience from those under them. The reaction of your pastor is an example that more and more priests are just as angry as most of the laity, and an explosion is coming if the current strategy of evasion, deflection, silence and lies continues from the hierarchy.

  6. That Batman meme is good.
    If someone would just hack into the Diocesan Facebook page and place it there for a few days, well…I’m probably not the only one who would chip in a few bucks for that.
    Just sayin.

  7. Mgr Ronald Knox was once asked by a bishop why he preached without notes.

    “if people see me with a paper in my hand, they think, “Oh, no! Not another Pastoral Letter.”

  8. Please God, in the name of the Holy Trinity and through the power of the shed blood & the name of Jesus, purify the Carhokic Church of corrupt leadership no matter the cost. Thank you God for your loving care and watch over us.

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