Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz, a giant in a Senate of mostly pygmies.

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Ignorance, Sheer Ignorance

  The Left is becoming a stronghold of ignorant yahoos:   Just outside downtown Dunn, N.C., a historic antebellum-style house honors Maj.

Fifty Years

Hattip to commenter Dale Price.  My motto has always been:  “Slay all the Lunies, and let God sort ’em out!”

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Surprise!:     Who would have thought that, this deep into the Russia collusion probe, we’d be learning about yet another dossier


  1. I am a bit concerned – I do see a lot of Beta signs around these parts, and most people don’t realize Texas’ urban centers are quite liberal. Sure, there is Austin, but Houston has had largely Democrat politicians for the past decade or more, and Dallas is not much better. Fort Worth is probably the most solid conservative city, but it is only the fifth or sixth largest at best.

    Then again, the Hildebeast signs outnumbered Trump. I hope that there is a silent majority that just wants to enter the voting booth under the radar.

  2. C Matt, well hopefully there are enough reasoning voters who heard Cruz’ spirited defense of Kavanaugh that Don McClarey posted here, to realize that if you want a 1st and a 2nd Amendment (matters that Cruz brilliantly addressed in his short remarks here) for the next decade, you better support Ted Cruz. No more McVains, Flakes et al.

  3. I believe it was the previous President who stated “Elections have consequences, and I won.” I so long for our current to quote his predecessor.

  4. Senator Cruz’s speech at the confirmation hearing was brilliant.
    It is my great good fortune to live in Texas, and it will be a pleasure
    to cast my vote for the Senator’s re-election this November.
    Ted Cruz is ahead of his opponent in all the major polls, but
    it would be foolish to let that make me complacent– this election
    will be all about turnout.

    What a speech! I’ll be sharing that with some friends, when
    November gets closer…

  5. Cruz is one member of Congress who sits there at considerable personal cost. With the exception of John Cornyn, there isn’t one member of the Congressional leadership who was a person of some accomplishment before entering elective office and there isn’t one who took a bath financially to be there. Cruz did.

  6. A clip that should played in all classrooms as this new school year gets underway. Simple truth. The stall out just makes the Dems look more ridiculous and pathetic. His explanation regarding a hunt for evidence to discredit Kavanaugh while Sectary to the Bush administration was one of sincere simplicity and honesty. A cheap tactic by a weak party who’s desperation is comical.

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