Ten Years of TAC: Compare and Contrast

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(The American Catholic will observe its tenth anniversary in October.  We will be reposting some classic TAC posts of the past.  This post is from October 18, 2008.)

Something for the weekend.  Two versions of Franz Waxman’s immortal Ride to Dubno, aka Ride of the Cossacks:   dueling pianists and the full Hollywood treatment in the 1962 movie Taras Bulba for which the song was composed.  Great to listen to if you need an energy boost.

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Just in Time for Christmas

Well, President Trump certainly isn’t the first Republican President to be associated with a stuffed bruin:    

Not One Thin Dime

(This is a repost from 2014.  Nothing has changed in regard to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and no faithful Catholic

Requiescat In Pace: Stan Lee

  Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, passed away today at age 95.  A World War II veteran, Lee  worked

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  1. i am descended from the ukraine people and have cossack blood in my veins,,,,,but because a ruthless inhuman petdoc veterinarian in southern iowa, 52501,,,recently,,,vicitimized me and killed my beloved senior companion animal and then proceeded to further victimize me at my lowest hour,,,,i cannot listen to heroic music of anykind,,since i proved unworthy when my only friend needed me most…….never blindly trust your petdoc vet ,,,not even God can give you peace if you fail to do your best.

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