PopeWatch: Necessary Clarifications

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Apparently the Vatican is realizing that the silent gambit was not working, or rather was working against them:


Pope Francis’ top advisers say the Vatican is preparing the “necessary clarifications” about accusations that the pope covered up the sexual misconduct of a now-disgraced American cardinal.

Francis’ nine cardinal advisers expressed their “full solidarity” Monday with the pope over the scandal, which has thrown his papacy into crisis.

The cardinals, who are meeting this week at the Vatican, issued a statement saying the Holy See “is working on formulating potential and necessary clarifications.”

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch does not know Italian.  In Italian do “lies and shredding” translate into “necessary clarifications”?  Bravo to the powers that be at the Vatican who have in half a decade convinced many faithful Catholics that anything that comes from this pontificate will always be subject to justified disbelief.

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  1. “is working on formulating potential and necessary clarifications.”
    Doesn’t instill confidence! I think the shredding is done. Whatever they ‘clarify’ won’t help them to be understood as servants of God.

  2. Sept. 11th: Aren’t some of Pope Francis’ top advisers part of the problem? Haven’t some been allegedly involved in sexual cover-ups or abuse?

  3. I remain astounded at how almost parallel with secular politics the machinations at the Vatican and in our hierarchy present themselves.
    I fear that it is possible that secular forces will be called upon to end this dilemma. Then again “opening the Church to the world” does invite consequences.

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