PopeWatch: Scapegoat

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Remember this from the August 31, 2018 PopeWatch:


What is the cornered Pope Francis going to do? PopeWatch suspects he will follow the lead of some Roman Emperors who, facing an angry populace, would behead an unpopular advisor and throw his head to the angry mob. So he needs a scapegoat. PopeWatch has heard that Cardinal Wuehl has been summoned to Rome. Better start practicing your goat walk your Eminence.


Cardinal Donald Wuerl told his priests in a letter Tuesday that he will travel to Rome “very soon” to discuss his resignation with Pope Francis.

Go here to read the rest.  Hey Cardinal Tobin, better tell “Baby” not to make any long term plans.  Pope Francis is going down, and he is going to be taking plenty of people with him.


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  1. Again, he submitted his resignation per canon law two years ago. It’s just a question of when his successor arrives. I’m not sure to what degree this pope experiences guilt or shame. I’m afraid the only solution here is the actuarial tables and the hope that the cardinals he’s appointed are better than we’d suspect they’d be.

  2. George Neumayr at The American Spectator has a series about his investigations into +Wuerl. Apparently, +Wuerl – and his hired thug, an ex Obama Secret Service chief, have banned Neumayr from entering the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

    Being a Cardinal has gone to Wuerl’s head. I wasn’t crazy about the guy as bishop of Pittsburgh, but then he carefully cultivated a good relationship with the Pittsburgh TV and newspapers.

  3. As a devout catholic husband, father and grandfather I am very concerned that we are allowing these confused and imperfect men (priests, bishops, cardinals and pope) to distract us from our goal; which is to ultimately be in Heaven with our Eternal Father and the Heavenly Host.
    We should clean house not destroy it.

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