PopeWatch: Faking It

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Pope Francis has called the presidents from bishops conferences around the world for a February summit to discuss how to better look like they are doing something about preventing clergy sex abuse.

The summit of the presidents signals a realization that the laity do not believe that those in the highest levels of the Church are doing anything to combat clergy sex abuse.

“We are faced with a grave situation in the Church today,” Pope Francis said in a letter to bishops. “People do not believe us. This is bad—very, very bad. We must come together in a spirit of brotherhood to discuss different ways and tactics that we can begin to implement so that we may better shift blame away from the Church. And with this, we will better be able to go on doing nothing.”

Pope Francis went on to write, asking all those attending the summit to each come up with two or three different ideas that he can use when the pressure from the laity and journalists get to him.

“I will give you an example,” he wrote. “A couple weeks ago there was much pressure on me to answer questions about the Vigano claim. I simply began to talk about plastic straws and voilà, the pressure was off of me for at least a day. If we can all have a number of these misdirection at our disposal, it will be better than having to come up with something off-the-cuff, or worse yet, actually answering the questions, God forbid.”

The summit has already been called a “wild success” by many inside the Vatican, though it has yet to take place.

“It was a success from the moment the Pope called for it,” one insider told EOTT. “Remember, it’s not what happens during the summit, but the fact that he called one that matters. People will look and say, ‘finally, they are doing something.’”


Go here to comment.  PopeWatch called the Vatican for comment but was told by a recording that his call could not be taken until he signed ten documents swearing that he had never harmed a child, thought of harming a child or witnessed someone else harming a child.  He was also told that if he were a Bishop or higher this rule would not apply and that his call would go through if he pressed 666 followed by the pound sign.  PopeWatch hung the phone up and backed away from it swiftly.

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  1. “Pope Francis has called the presidents from bishops conferences around the world for a February summit to discuss how to better look like they are doing something about preventing clergy sex abuse.”

    That’s true. That’s all the February summit is about.

  2. My understanding is that the summit would of been sooner but the Man Boy Love Club burlesque show didn’t have any openings until the beginning of the new year. Ironic choice of entertainment…….but…………Who are WE to judge?

    To hell with the Lavender Mafia.

  3. I’ve heard that comedy is only truly funny when there is some truth involved. This, however, has a bit too much truth for my tastes.

  4. Dear Mr. McClarey
    can’t find a place to simply email something and since in the saddest way this relates…
    if you haven’t heard about the story of Father Paul Kalchik & the candle’s (Cardinal Blase), i urge &beg you to search him out. ABC chicago had part of the story on late news last night.
    the candle’s not only taken the Church down the rabbit hole with him, he’s demonstrated how stupid & pathetic he is by turning a priest who was following the Church’s teaching that living an active homosexual life is a sin, into but who needs psychiatric help if spread the truth! who knew one man’s tongue could reach from Chi town to Rome to lick white boots!

  5. Barb Forbish.

    Spiritdaily had a small piece on this the other day. One Peter Five has one as well;

    It’s amazing and in line with the Lavender Mafia. Capt. Cupich is the one needing professional help.

    Truth will prevail. A rainbow flag with the Cross attached wouldn’t be that bad if they we’re teaching that the sin separates the homosexual from God..but if the teaching is void of the truth I must agree with Fr. Paul.
    He would know.

    Being a victim of rape I would think the head of the Chicago Mafia would play his cards low profile, but he seems ok with showing his hand.

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