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Seeing the Light

  Hard to believe it is seventy-one years since I Saw the Light was written by Hank Williams.  The song powerfully coveys


  1. There is no Democrat whom I would ever count as a friend. None. They are evil. Their treatment of this innocent man and their manipulation of Dr. Ford demostrates them to vile creatures without conscience. There was a time when political party didn’t mean much to me. No longer. I may despise Republican hypocrisy, but I absolutely loathe these Democrats. Sorry. Not very Christian of me. But this is what they have caused and sadly it will only get worse. 🙁

  2. Wisdom from his ten year old. So true.
    Dad did a great job today.
    I’m glad I was able to catch the last two hours of this desperate attempt to crush a good man.
    Not happy about the shenanigans..but happy to witness the moxie of a man being targeted for crimes he didn’t commit. He hung in there.
    Graham’s comments are deserving of Don’s Comment of the week eagle!!

  3. Town Hall reported at 10:35 that a Senate insider told them all Republicans will vote yes next week…Flake, Maine etc.

  4. I’m not American, but have been following the case on this blog- it’s unthinkable what the left put this man and this family through. How they manipulated this woman to play along is unbelievable. How evil some ppl can be. The left is the same everywhere around the world. They have no morals, no integrity and hold no accountability for anything they do. If I could sum it up, it would be they want the easiest way through life, regardless of who they railroad or who they harm in the process. I hate this to my very core. It goes against everything that our Christian Faith teaches us.

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