Maxims of Life

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Maxims of Life to live by, a  continuing series:  You can only rely upon a weak man to always be a weak man.

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  1. Flake reminds me of Rep. Bart Stupak years ago. Holding out on passing Obamacare because he didn’t want Fed tax dollars to go towards funding abortion. He became a chump too. Caved in to Obama in the last moments. Now add Flake to that list of chumps.

  2. Flake in his vanity and weakness may have done Republicans a great favor by taking any 2018 Democratic talking points off the table.
    I dare say that if the Democratic senators or the Left wing media complain further no one will believe them; everyone thinks of them as smear merchants now. It’s only a matter of whether one thinks smears and destroying a man’s life are acceptable or not. I have faith in the American people.

  3. Flake is leaving the public arena because he probably can’t win reelection; he should just vote and keep his peace. Besides, he is a log roller,trading his vote for the favor delaying a just confirmation of Kavanaugh, the victim of calumny.

  4. He has condemned Brett Kavanaugh to smears and kangaroo procedures out of his cowardice. And that should never be forgotten.
    He should be addressed appropriately at any future Republican function, no matter how small, as the Cowardly Jeff Flake.

  5. My guess would be revenge. The Republican base in Arizona rejected him in a peculiarly humiliating manner, so he sticks a thumb in their eye on the way out the door.

  6. Flake was a NeverTrumper and this provides him with a way to stick a knife in Trump’s back and twist it. Just as McCain did it over the Obamacare repeal. Flake was a Libertarian at heart – “free” trade, open borders, the stuff Trump is fighting against. In the end, Flake is a coward.

  7. Flake was a NeverTrumper and this provides him with a way to stick a knife in Trump’s back and twist it.

    The problem with that thesis is that the person he’s injuring is Judge Kavanaugh. Judicial appointments are a courtesy Pres. Trump has extended to the Republican establishment and it’s customary recruitment pools like the Federalist Society. One thing the Brothers Bush, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio have in common is that any one of them might have nominated Neil Gorsuch or Brett Kavanaugh. There’s a twee libertarian complaint about Judge Kavanaugh currently posted on Hot Air and you have Republican Party’s squish caucus who’d indubitably prefer someone as other-directed and confused as they are. It’s a reasonable wager that Flake’s upraised middle finger is extended at the sort of people John McCain was flipping off the last 18 years of his life, the people who were poised to send him packing in a Republican primary. The people who left those comments on his Facebook fundraising page.

    I’ll leave it to the moderator or Paul Zummo and others who study the biographies of historical personage to offer an opinion. I cannot help note that Ted Cruz is a man with fixed political principles who has a real person issue with Donald Trump. When you see Ted Cruz make an irritant of himself, it’s when the inner-ring in Congress shivs Republican voters in favor of Republican donors (see AM McConnell’s ExIm Bank manauver). He’s not joining the media’s slander and insult machine contra the President.

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