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Advent Light in Darkest Night

   It is time to awaken from sleep. It is time for a waking up to begin somewhere. It is time to

PopeWatch: Enrique Shaw

  The Pope is pushing for the canonization of Argentinian businessman Enrique Shaw who died of cancer in 1962.   Enrique Shaw


  1. Two thoughts: 1) I hope the time frame is accurate and maybe even extended. 2) I also hope and pray that the screaming and emotions calm down to a civil level. Unfortunately, I sense the rancor, already high, will increase. I read a title of an article recently: “Sleepwalking into another Civil War”. Then I saw the Antifada group in Portland, Oregon take control of directing traffic on the streets and swearing at white people while police stood and watched and did nothing. Those items, and others, make me wonder about our future. I then pray that I’ll be faithful and true, that I’ll trust and obey the Lord when times get really tough.

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