Planned Parenthood Secretly Funnels Money to Sky Queen

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James O’Keefe of Project Veritas details how Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder Inc funnels money to Senator Claire McCaskill (D. Mo.).  Apparently these undercover videos have been causing a stir in Missouri, so much so that Sky Queen had to respond:

These are the type of stories that would be common if we had a real news media, instead of an unpaid propaganda wing of the Democrat party, which is what most of the media truly is.

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  1. How do you know the media is unpaid? True, there are few if any transfers of moola from the Party to them, but there are other forms of payment.

  2. speaking of body language, just look at the two screenshots. In the undercover shot, she appears normal. In the propaganda piece, she looks like a serial killer. Geobbels would be proud.

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