Yep, Exactly the Same

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  1. The brownshirts who jackbooted themselves over to Tucker Carlson’s house we’re mad at him because…(?)

    Oh. Sorry….I forgot. Tucker Carlson is a Hitler lover…right?

    It’s so confusing listening to the Left calling Trump a Hitler while their pathetic thugs act like Nazi youths at the front door of a Jewish Delicatessen in 1939.

    (want a smear on dat’ bagel ?)

  2. Reason seems to be in short supply on the Left today, the Alt-Left, Mainstream-Left, the Democratic controlled media and Universities….. sorry, I repeat myself.

  3. I wonder what the NRA & Big Gun is paying these loons to scare ordinary citizens into exercising their antiquated Second Amendment rights.

    Seriously, I haven’t seen the case for gun ownership made like this since, well, since Barak Obama was marketing Big Gun.

  4. This is more of the same kind of talk that took place during former president George W. Bush’s time in the White House. As I recall he was called Bushitler.

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