Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed Edward Coleman

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On Tuesday the third of December following, (being the day of his Execution) Mr. Coleman was drawn on a sledge from Newgate to Tyburn; and being come thither, he declared, that he had been a Roman Catholick for many years; and that he thanked God, he died in that religion: and he said, he did not think that religion at all prejudicial to the king and government. The Sheriff told him, if he had any thing to say by way of confession or contrition, he might proceed, otherwise it was not seasonable for him to go on with such like expressions. And being asked if he knew anything of the murder of Sir Edmondbury Godfry, he declared upon the words of a dying man, he knew not anything of it; for that he was a prisoner at that time. Then after some private prayers and ejaculations to himself, the sentence was executed, he was hanged by the neck, cut down alive, his bowels burnt, and himself quartered.

Account of the execution of Edward Coleman on December 3, 1678, one of 15 Catholic martyrs who were executed by lies of Titus Oates, known to history as Titus the Liar, who fabricated the so called Popish Plot.

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