More than a Funeral for Bush 41

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I didn’t get to watch the funeral for George H.W. Bush, 41st President.  (I was teaching a home schooling class on “Science and the Church.”)  My wife did, however, and she made some insightful comments.   Bush 41 was the last American president who was also a war hero.   He exemplified a love of our country that is rare amongst current politicians, be they Republicans or Democrats.  So, in a sense (and those attending seemed to show it also), this was a funeral not only for a former president, but for an America that was mortally wounded in the Viet-Nam War and was put into ICU  by many of the actions of President Obama.

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  1. “…and was put into ICU by many of the actions of President Obama.”

    It’s incredible that America was able to thrive without the help of Obama. After all…he built it. He will gladly tell you so.

    A very good line from Mr. Alan Simpson’s eulogy had to do with humility. I wish I had it verbatim.
    Basically it said that in DC, politicians with humility travel on a road that is virtually unencumbered with traffic. The 41st President traveled on that road.

    Great send off for President Bush Sr.

  2. It is ironical and hypocritical that the media is so favorably overwhelmed at the death Bush 41, with near-divinisation, while at the same time it continues to pelt a sitting President with the utmost and vile tirade of insults.
    While it may be lauding a dead president merely for the man he was, the office of the President is melded with the man: hence the media swooning is mere bufoonery.

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