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Liberalism is a mental disorder.









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  1. It has turned into that. You have a few wonks left like Harold Pollack who produce interesting working papers. As for the rest, it’s status games all the way down. Looking at what’s posted on Facebook by the Democrats in our circle of friends, I don’t think there are many street-level Democrats who have much sense anymore.

  2. I am honestly mystified by the way otherwise intelligent people on the Left have reached this state of detachment from rationality.

  3. This started out as a joke.

    Then, because so many of the “smart” people have worked so hard to make it so folks MUST jump, instantly, when told– it triggered a real protest of the show.

    Amazingly, when you insist that 2+2=5 long enough, folks don’t realize you’re joking about 5+5=20.

  4. Foxfier.

    I like your reasoning. The Zombie class, absent of mind and heart, ready to devour anything placed in front of them.

    Scary because we have already witnessed attacks on Sen. Cruz, Tucker Carlson and Judge Kavanaugh. Now throw Rudolph in. (?)

    The Huff. Post as a joke has really just shot themselves in the foot.
    Revealing the zombies and their thirst for blood. Conservative blood.

    Next they will go after George Bailey for being a liar, a womanizer and a foe to socialists everywhere by supporting ideals that grow economies and strengthen personal wealth. How dare he pray to God! (There is no God.) The classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, will be in their cross-hairs soon enough.

  5. The young people in my company with whom I work are exactly like this. Truly it’s amazing and disheartening. Nothing is more innocent than Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I am convinced that that is why liberals act in the way they do – they hate innocence and love murdering pre-born babies and the sterile filth of sodomitic perversion. These people are sick and need to be incarcerated in a mental institution.

  6. The irony: at the time of release, the theme of “Rudolph” was a struggle against unreasoning conformity, a liberal theme of the 1960s, as the song “We’re a Couple of Misfits” testifies. (That song was replaced in the original broadcast as “too radical” by “Fame and Fortune”, by the way.) Now “Rudolph” is warred upon by the new conformists, who prove themselves even less reasonable than the old ones.

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