Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed John Mason

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No; if it were to do again, I would resist the wicked, that they should not have God’s priests. Yea, although I were to be punished with twenty deaths.

Blessed John Mason’s response to a query at his trial as to whether he was sorry that he had physically resisted agents of Queen Elizabeth I who were raiding a Mass.  Mason was executed by hanging on December 10, 1591.  I have been  unable to find an image of him, but his words in the face of certain death paint an unforgettable portrait of this valiant layman nonetheless.

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  1. Penguins Fan: It is human nature to fear and loathe those that one has massively, seriously wronged (confiscated, killed, pillaged, repressed,. . . ). The powers that be essentially are the same only difference they employ different, more subtle, methods.

    One still sees it among Ulster Orange whose ancestors were transplanted into northern Ireland and to-this-day keep the indigenous population under their heels and separated from their countrymen in the Republic.

    My brother’s (RIP) mother-in-law (RIP) was an Orange. It took years before she could “relate” to us Catholics. Then, it was a very nice relationship. In fact, one of her sons married a Catholic woman and she refused to attend the wedding. My family went to the Proty church wedding, but I was overseas.

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