Star Wars Holiday Special

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Some things simply cannot be unseen no matter how strongly you wish that were possible.  From November 17, 1978.  For the masochists among our readers, the entire Holiday Special is available on You Tube.  It is amazing that this did not succeed in killing the Star Wars franchise.

Next to this Pigs in Space was Hamlet:


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  1. I remember the conversations in fifth grade after this aired. They were not kind. Before VCRs/DVD/Netflix, the hope of seeing another Star Wars installment while Star Wars mania was in full swing was more than you could describe. As I tell my sons, Star Wars mania lasted well past 1980’s Empire Strikes Back (it had started to wane a bit by then, but only a bit). So when this came out, Star Wars madness was at its zenith. Never has the air been let out of enthusiasm more than when we spent two wasted hours waiting for anything to happen in this heap of a mess. They don’t call it the decade that taste forgot for nothing.

  2. I confess. Now, I have the attention span of a gnat. However, I never saw the art or “usefulness” in the Star Wars “franchise.” Maybe it is the numerous scenes where 260+ AI, zapper droids were shooting at so-called jedi and none (assume computer-guided aiming) of the jedi ever were hit. Or, using a light sabre to fend off ray-guns blasts. Or, the dueling scenes about as artful (compared to kendo and Tokyo samurai movies) as two 68 year-old duffers (looking in the mirror) taking swings at each other with broom handles.

    And, the adolescent, sophomoric plots devices/twists. . . .

    That being said, I am a huge fan of Babes in Toyland, and Laurel and Hardy.

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