Norad Tracking Santa

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When I was a kid, perhaps because I was the son of an Air Force veteran, I always thrilled to the tracking of Santa by Norad (North American Air Defense).  I am happy to see that Norad is still doing it.  Go here to their Santa tracking website.  Sleep well tonight America!  Santa and your Air Force will both be wide awake!


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  1. Merry Christmas Donald from the Great White North. I was an Air Force brat, as well. My dad served as a sergeant air gunner in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII and later as an aero engine tech (fitter). As a partner in NORAD Canadian fighters (CF-100s and CF-101 Voodoos in my day as a brat) provided Santa’s sleigh with protection along with the USAF fighters. Bless the men and women of NORAD who continue the tradition protecting Santa and us to this day. John the Mad, Major (Ret’d)

  2. Merry Christmas John! My Dad met my mother in Newfoundland. He would have made the Air Force a career if they could have guaranteed he would have been stationed permanently in Newfoundland, but such was not possible of course.

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