Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Margaret Bourgeoys

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Teaching is the work most suited to draw down the graces of God if it is done with purity of intention, without distinction between the poor and the rich, between relatives and friends and strangers, between the pretty and the ugly, the gentle and the grumblers, looking upon them all as drops of Our Lord’s blood.

Saint Margaret Bourgeoys

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  1. Wittgenstein once rebuked a lady, who told him she was “only a teacher.”

    “Moses was a national liberator, a general, a statesman and a prophet, but no one calls him, “Moses our Liberator” or any of the rest; it is always “Moses our Teacher.”

  2. Great point MPS.

    Our lunch at the nursing home ended an hour ago. I shared this Saint and her qoute with an extraordinary retired Elementary teacher…Fifty year veteran mind you…and she adored the passage.

    We will be discussing the Sacred Blood when we chat again. She is Lutheran.

    Peace TAC.

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