Bite Thy Tongue Woman!

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I actually rather like her show on Netflix, although I think her tidying tips range from common sense to innane, however I would love to see her shocked expression viewing the 5,000 plus volumes my bride and I have in our basement library.


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  1. I don’t do Netflix, generally, because of their anti-pro life videos and hiring Obama, but I did do a month’s trial membership to watch the latest “Great British Baking Show.” My wife and I accidentally came on Kondo’s tidying show, and were converted. Our drawers (i.e. the compartments in furniture) are now works of art, with stuff folded vertically and everything visible. I hadn’t heard the comment about only 30 books–we don’t have 5000, but it’s a helluva lot more than 30. (Maybe books are smaller in Japanese.)

  2. Yes. We have too many books.

    I will throw away my wife’s books.

    Maybe that explains me being in the dog house for 40 straight years.

  3. Bob, are you actually serious? Did this help you?
    I ask because I tried listening to her audio book. I got through about 10% of it, and only 10% because it was entirely self-praise about how amazing she was. Couldn’t stand it and it for sure wasn’t worth listening to.
    Is her message anything more important than “tidy up”?

  4. Brian, I believe you misinterpret my comment. I don’t impute any philosophical significance to Kondo’s tidying methods. But I do think they are effective in terms of clothes storage. By the way, it may be a Japanese thing to give more importance to tidying, acts of ritual, as in Zen Buddhism, because such a ritualistic OCD approach fills the gaps when one doesn’t believe in a personal God.

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