Ben Butera

Bishop Barron on “Judging”

I just finished reading “Seeds of the Word” by Bishop Robert Barron. It’s a 275 page book that contains 84 chapters. Well, they’re not really chapters; they’re more like a soup of essays; somewhat like reading 84 blog posts broken

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Donald R. McClarey

Jordan Peterson, Bishop Barron and Mark Shea

In the video below Jordan Peterson speaks on the threat to free speech in Canada.  The constant attempts by Red Fascists to interrupt his speech of course underlined what he was saying.     Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts notes

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Model Catholic

  Strong, strong content warning for the above video.  Remember when Bishop Barron and Mark Shea were celebrating how Catholic left wing comic Stephen Colbert was?  Go here to read about it.  Well model Catholic Colbert delivered an unfunny and

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Silence, Faith and Courage

“Like my Master, I shall die upon the cross. Like him, a lance will pierce my heart so that my blood and my love can flow out upon the land and sanctify it to his name.” Saint Paul Miki, statement

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