Donald R. McClarey

Ed Feser Explains Why This Time is Different

Philosopher Ed Feser nails it: The pattern is by now familiar.  Serious criticisms are leveled by serious people against the pope; the pope ignores them; and his associates and defenders disregard the substance of the criticisms while flinging ad hominem

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Congratulations Mark!

    I have to hand it to Mark Shea.  He has managed to get into the verbal equivalent of a fist fight with Ed Feser.  Ed is a philosophy professor, and runs a blog where he breaks philosophical concepts

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Godzilla v. Bambi

    Philosopher Doctor Ed Feser takes on Mark Shea on the death penalty in the biggest mismatch since Godzilla tangled with Bambi:   As Pope St. John XXIII once wrote:   The Catholic Church, of course, leaves many questions

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