Donald R. McClarey

One Drop Warren

    I can only assume that Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren (D.Ma.) wishes to resurrect the one drop rule of the Jim Crow South based upon her contention that the below qualifies her for American Indian status:   Bustamante calculated

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Irony: Law School Grads Suing Law Schools

As faithful readers know, I have long sent out warnings to the unwary about the pitfalls of going to law school.  Read previous posts on the subject here, here , here ,  here and here. Dissatisfied law students are now suing their

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Lying to Join The Band of Brothers

I have never served in combat or been in a warzone for which I thank God.  However, many of my friends are veterans of combat in conflicts stretching from World War II to Iraq.  Such an experience marks them.  They tell

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