Donald R. McClarey

Shea v. Shea: George Soros

Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us the latest installment of the ongoing debate between Mark Shea and Mark Shea:   Mark Shea defends and praises George Soros Declaring criticisms of Soros by conservatives the stuff of lies and evil which,

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This is Alabama!

  The Soros supported Red Fascist Anarchists ran into a little problem when they showed up in Auburn.  They forgot that Auburn is in the Sovereign State of Alabama.             The police rigorously enforced the

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The American Catholic in Good Company

  We get a fair amount of drive by troll comments here at The American Catholic.  One such comment appeared in the Apologias thread from a William L. Zimmerman.  Here is the comment by Mr. Zimmerman: Mr. Obama’s apology over

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