Donald R. McClarey

Seven Days in May Was Not a How to Manual

      Democrat Congressman Steven Cohen (D.TN) has called for a military coup to topple President Trump:       Life imitating Art.     What is it with liberals and coups?  Recently, including the obviously deranged Congressman, several

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The Military Coup Against Donald Trump

    Kurt Schlichter, columnist, attorney and retired Army Colonel, has written the first part of a fictional account of a military coup against President Trump in 2018:   But how would one pull off a coup d’etat in the

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Seven Days in May Redux

What is it with liberals and coups?  Recently several liberals, including entertainer? Sarah Silverman, and Obama era Pentagon bureaucrat Sarah Brooks, have  been calling for/predicting a military coup against the Trump administration.  Such fools have no concept of our military where the

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