Donald R. McClarey

Chicago, the Home of Random Senseless Violence

  News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:   CHICAGO, IL—It looked like good news for Chicago as the skyrocketing murder rate finally started to level off, but the reason for the decline turned out to be alarming:

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Ben Butera

On Smelling Death

Like many, I often ponder the evil of mass shootings and other killings. Mass murder is mass murder in a sense, but something like an Islamic terrorist attack has a specific religious/political motivation. Other types of mass murder and suicide

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Dr. Mengele Can Empathize

  “After birth abortion” sounds like a catchy substitute for words like “infanticide” and “murder” doesn’t it? Alberto Giubilini with Monash University in Melbourne and Francesca Minerva at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of

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Funeral and Repast for Father Hinds Today

The funeral for Father Edward “Ed” Hinds will be celebrated today, Saturday, October 31,  A.D. 2009 at  10:00am.  The Mass will be the Rite of Christian Burial and simulcast live int he Saint Patrick Parish Center Gym, East/West Rooms, and

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Father Hinds Planned To Lay Off Suspect

Father Edward “Ed” Hinds was found dead in the rectory kitchen of 32 stab wounds late last week in the Diocese of Paterson located in the area of Chatham, New Jersey.  A suspect has been found who is the church

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Father Edward Hinds Found Slain In Rectory

Father Edward “Ed” Hinds, the pastor of Saint Patrick Church in Chatham, New Jersey, was found slain early Friday morning by parishioners in the rectory when he failed to celebrate the 8:00am Mass. This morning there was a congregation of

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