Reagan in a Skirt


Michael Reagan has written how strongly Sarah Palin reminds him of his adoptive father Ronald Reagan.  I fully concur.  Palin is a political talent of the first order.  Here is my take on her performance in her debate with the hapless Joe Biden:

1. Palin brought home the fact that she and her family lead lives much closer to the lives of middle class Americans than any of the other candidates running on the national tickets, and in a year when Congress and the President have shrinkingly small approval ratings that is important.

2. She ignored some of the questions from the moderator and talked about what she wanted to talk about. Great!!! Political debates aren’t academic exercises, they are part of a political struggle and Palin, as opposed to Biden, understood that.

3. When she is unfiltered by the media she makes a dazzling impression. The campaign quickly needs to do a series of “talking head” commericials, a la Reagan in 80, with Palin addressing the issues of the economy and the threats abroad.

4. Palin has the gift, a rare one, of sticking the shiv in political opponents, and doing it with a pleasant smile. Most politicians when they go on the attack risk appearing mean-spirited, but not Palin! A true Happy Warrior.

5. She has an ear for the attention catching phrase: “Say it ain’t so Joe!”

6. Like Reagan she is helped by her enemies. The over the top attacks against her, some from within conservative ranks, set this debate up perfectly for her as a make or break moment. Thank you Palin haters!

7. Charisma is a much overused term, but no other will do for describing the impact of Palin on the television screen.  This is a God-given gift that no amount of practice can give, and God was very generous indeed in the portion that He gave this daughter of Eve.

8. The shoutout to the third grade class demonstrates how unique a politician Palin is.  Palin is a true feminist in that she brings her distinctly female style into the arena:  heart on the sleeve, emotive, nurturing, caring,  let’s work together for the common good, etc.  Many female politicians try to be imitation men:  Senator Clinton is a prime example.  Most of them come across as humorless, brittle harpies who lack all charm.  Palin uses the fact that she is a woman brilliantly to help drive home the points that she is making.

9.  From relative obscurity to winning a national debate in five weeks, especially in the midst of a hostile media environment, is a phenomenal achievement, and those who underestimate Palin do so at their political peril.

10. The mantra among conservatives before last Thursday night was let Palin be Palin, and she was. She is a different type of politician with great political instincts. From here on out I have no doubt she will be charting her own political strategy and that is very good news for McCain and very bad news for Obama.

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  1. You forgot number 11: She’s hot.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be your first commenter and figured I’d make it so that the comments can only get better from here. I am happy to see Mr. McClarey blogging, his contributions to the St. Blog’s comboxes over the years have been great and appreciated. All the best to you, gentlemen.

    Oops, I see someone else just commented, so I’m not the first, but I’m still going to post this because I am still looking forward to reading this blog, still happy to Mr. McClarey blogging, and Sarah Palin is still hot.


  2. #6 & #8 I agree wholeheartedly.

    She certainly has confidence, intuition, brains, and an excellent grasp of the issues. The problem with the media is that she isn’t a liberal pushing their pet causes of abortion, socialized medicine, and the mantra of intellectual dishonesty of believing that America is the major cause of many of the social ills of the world.

  3. Can’t look at her for too long…..she makes me all tingly inside…occasion of sin thing , you know…. just sayin’

  4. -humorless, brittle harpies who lack all charm-

    LOL I have always used “bitter, childless lesbians”, but I may throw that out as somewhat inaccurate in favor of this phrasing.

  5. “u n b e l i e v a b l e”

    What a coincidence Catholic Anarchist! That has always been my reaction to your postings at Vox Nova! Enjoy the blog.

  6. Alan,

    Thanks for discovering us.

    I hope you and your wife are enjoying your (new) life here in Houston.

    Hope to continue seeing you here on American Catholic.

    In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


  7. I forgot to say this…

    That clip is a total Reagan Moment… like when Reagan told that protester “Why don’t you just shut up?”

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