The Lighter Side

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I have always admired Al Smith, the Democrat who was the first Catholic to run for President on a major party ticket in 1928.  Each year the Al Smith dinner is held in New York to raise funds for Catholic Charities.  It is traditional each Presidential election year for the major party candidates to appear and give humorous speeches.  Senators McCain and Obama observed the tradition last night and I thought both their speeches were well done.

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  1. It struck me that McCain feels more comfortable doing comedy — and his writers were a little more on as well. Obama didn’t seem to feel all that comfortable up there.

    Of course, having made this tough call, I suppose I’m going to have to stop insisting that an Obama presidency would be a total joke.

  2. Observation: Fully the last half of Obama’s routine was about himself. Though I’m sure he didn’t write all his own material, I think that says something about the man and those he chooses to work for him.

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