Chicago Style

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I have lived in the Land of Lincoln my entire life, except for a brief period as a small boy when my parents lived in Saint John’s Newfoundland, the homeland of my sainted mother.

Illinois is a lovely state, filled with mostly hardworking and honest people.  However, politics in Illinois is as crooked as the hind legs of all the dogs who reside in the state.  Illinois has sent three governors to the pen in the last four decades and our current governor may well be indicted.  The corruption is bi-partisan and both parties are disgraces.  A firm fighter against corruption has been John Kass of the Chicago Tribune.  Here is an article he penned just before the election.

As Obama fills positions in his administration I will alert The American Catholic readers as to what we in Illinois know about the Chicago and Illinois pols chosen.

Update: Kass has a column here on the Emanuel pick as Obama Chief of Staff.

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Hattip to commenter Nate Winchester.

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  1. Much of what our voting brethren failed to consider this Tuesday. Uh oh stomach hurting again but I started typing here so I’ll finish it. Rahm is your basic hardcore political streetfighter. Seen with derision when GOP partisans show it but got oohs and aahs from MSM. As though Obama would select a non-loyalist as his principal gatekeeper. Also keeps Crazy Uncle Joe squared safely away in White House attic. Will let him downstairs only for parties, holiday celebrations, and Redskins games no doubt.

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