Planned Parenthood Indiana – Oops!

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air has a good article regarding the investigation launched by the Indiana Attorney General of Planned Parenthood of Indiana.  Thanks to the intrepid Lila Rose, and her colleague Jackie Stollar, the long standing flouting by Planned Parenthood of mandatory reporting laws regarding sexual abuse is now coming to the surface.  Ms. Rose and her associates are to be congratulated for coming up with a clever tactic, and having the courage and initiative to implement it, to combat Murder, Inc.  Bravo!  It is precisely this type of energy and novel thinking that the pro-life cause needs.

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  1. It may be the beginning of the end of the pro-abort movement’s legitimacy. Still something dirty and messy in the culture’s rear closets and attics. Other circumstances may lead to its blowup. Just as the wider financial sector meltdown led to the crash of the House of Madoff- investors were wondering what the #%@& this is a family blog is going on with their money. As PP has a monopoly on its dirty messy market the mess’ release will be so much bigger. With an increasingly aging baby boomer population, more wailing, more gnashing of teeth, more regret. Some say the Church is behind the times and should get chic and trendy. The Church is always avant-garde. We humanz are stuck in our own mud.

  2. Unfortunately, it’s probably more likely that these PP employees will be upheld as heroes. After all, what’s a little statutory rape when the right to abortion is at stake?

  3. As it turns out, the Planned Parenthood employee featured in the video was fired after their own internal investigation. However, since Rose wasn’t actually a minor the woman can’t be prosecuted, because she technically broke no laws. (She just thought that she was.)

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