Bag of Silver

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Doug Kmiec, the subject of a few posts on this blog, here, here, here, here and here, has indicated , hattip to Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia, that he believes he is still in the running to be ambassador to the Vatican, presumably his reward for turning his back on the pro-life cause and shilling for Obama last year.  Professor Kmiec has also been apparently been glancing at some of the blogs that have taken him to task, hattip to Jeff Miller at Curt Jester.

Well, I will now make a pledge to Professor Kmiec.  If President Obama is foolish enough to nominate a man who spent last year making the most intellectually vapid arguments possible for voting for the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history, I promise, at every opportune moment on this blog, to remind our readers what a slap in the face his nomination is to the Pope and to every pro-life Catholic in this nation.  Now, what I do or do not do on this blog is of little moment to Kmiec.  However, I suspect that I will not be the only blogger taking similar action.  Hang on Professor Kmiec, you are in for a bumpy ride!

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  1. The one thing to watch out for is boredom. At this point, the only things that’s news about Kmiec is that he’s a sell out whose arguments are fallacious, and that’s a story which can only remain interesting for so long.

    Which is all the more reason to hope that he now fades into well deserved obscurity.

  2. Bigger issue triggered by the bigger mouth of Nancy Pelosi. On ABC yesterday, said increased birth control programs would be nice to assist the economy. Not quite sure what she meant. Let her explain after extracting her Jimmy Choo from her pie hole.

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