Tax Holiday Stimulus

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From the flamboyant  Michelle Lee Mucio of the Acton Institute.

I think the tax holiday she proposes is a bad idea.  A country wallowing in debt does not need to pile $800,000,000,000 on the backs of our kids and grandkids.  However, compared to the Bankrupt the Nation Act of 2009, erroneously called the “Stimulus” bill, which was signed into law on Tuesday, her plan is a sound economic strategy of giving money to the taxpayers to spend, rather than trusting to the ability of the solons in Washington not to pour most of the money down the usual rat holes of graft, waste, poor planning, etc.  There is the added advantage that foolish cash spending by a private individual usually only impacts the individual, while foolish government spending is a curse to us all, for years if not for decades.  Additionally, spending by government is often utilized to set up new  programs that take on a curious earthly immortality, rather akin to a fictional vampire, with cash, instead of blood, being sucked from taxpayers each year to keep alive a program that may well be long past its usefulness, or been completely wrong-headed from the start.  To finally kill such programs usually requires activity as difficult as driving a stake through the heart of a vampire.

Update:  Michelle Mucio is interviewed on CBS.  Hattip to Instapundit.

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