Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-6-2009

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Here are today’s Top Picks in the Catholic world:

1. Unlike many bishops in America, Coadjutor Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of  the Archdiocese of Cincinnati prayed the Rosary with other protesters outside an abortion mill on Wednesday, March 4.  Archbishop Schnurr will replace Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk upon his retirement.  Among the protesters came this comment referring to Archbishop Schnurr’s presence:

“It’s tremendous,” Ferraro said of Schnurr’s presence. “He’s the head of the flock. It certainly affirms (the church leadership’s) commitment.”

For the link click on Archbishop Schnurr’s name above or here.

Updated: Archbishop Pilarczk actively leads Rosary prayer vigils in front of abortion mills as well!

2. Doctors who performed and directly assisted in the abortion of twins to a nine year old rape/incest victim have been declared excommunicated by Archbishop Jose Sobrinho of the Archdiocese of Olinda e Recife in Brazil.  The nine year old girl was not excommunicated for many reasons, most likely due to her age.  Where are these bishops in America?  Probably hiding behind the USCCB Faithful Citizenship document thus failing to lead their flocks.

Dr. Ed Peters volunteered his sentiments on this case, “as for the perpetrator of the rape, there isn’t a mine shaft deep enough on this earth for him.”

For the link click on excommunicated above or here.

3. The fallout following Senator Sam Brownback’s endorsement of Pro-Abortion Catholic Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas to Secretary of Health and Human Services continues.  Deal Hudson chides Fr. Thomas Euteneuer for calling Senator Brownback a “Turncoat”.  Deal and Fr. Euteneuer are friends and agree on almost everything, but he doesn’t appreciate the negative comment(s) towards Senator Brownback.

I agree that we need pro-life warriors such as Senator Brownback, but we should also remind them whose side they are on.  Granted maybe, just maybe, Fr. Euteneuer’s comments were a bit extreme, but we shouldnt’ be having this ‘civil war’ amongst ourselves as the Pro-Abortion President Obama continues on his path of this genocide of innocent children.  I believe Senator Brownback understands what he did, let’s hope that he learns from this and not repeat this mistake in the future.

For the link click here.

4. The Cardinal Newman Society has been doing some very fine work in keeping our Catholic Universities and Colleges in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ deposited within the Catholic Church.  The latest victory for the future of this great nation occurred yesterday when Fr. Michael Engh, SJ, president of the Jesuit college Santa Clara University, canceled a production of the V-Monologues.  Thus far there are 15 Catholic Universities and Colleges that are hosting this production in 2009, down from 32 in 2008, a nice improvement though we want that down to zero.

Schools still hosting V-Monologues performances include Boston College, DePaul University, Fordham University, Georgetown University, Loyola University Chicago, Seattle University and the University of San Francisco.  The University of Notre Dame still hosts the V-Monologues, but have ‘deftly’ moved the production off-campus, nice try Fighting Irish, it needs to be dropped all-together!

For the link click here.

5. Just figured out why my Kaspersky Internet Security program was forbidding me from surfing both the National Catholic Register and RealClearReligion.  Apparently my ‘parental control’ was set to ‘child’.  Switching that option off allows me to surf those two websites now.  But what concerns me is what was it on those two Catholic websites that Kaspersky thought was dangerous for a child to view?

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  1. Got another fave on this Lenten Friday- posted on both Drudge and Lucianne. From St. Lou Post Dispatch. Handwringing about Catholic hospitals and how their administrators- hint, their local bishops- may close facilities rather than assist Dear Leader’s plans for abortions more common than Happy Meals, in event of FOCA becoming law. Poor thing. Libs always overreach when in power. Often in ways that bite them in the schnozz. But fun to read as in one corner of MSM trying to counsel Dear Leader in more discreet judgment on the matter. Oh- like approaching Kathy Silbelius- Friend of Tiller The Killer- as HHS Secretary.

  2. It should be noted that Archbishop Pilarczyk has prayed at the same abortion mill, and celebrates Mass for the Cincinnati branch of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants on somewhat regular occasions.

  3. It is also worth noting that Bishop Jackels of the Wichita diocese also leads the rosary at least once per year at George Tiller’s abortion facility. We also have a regular first Saturday rosary with priests from various parishes assigned to lead. I believe that three or four parishes are assigned per first Saturday–there are always priests present as well as parishioners. Anyone know of any other diocese with this sort of program?

  4. You people really need help. You’re seriously praising Sobrinho for his vicious heavy-handed excommunication? You make me feel ashamed to be a Catholic – isn’t it time you left the Church to take your poison elsewhere?! If you think adopting a brown-nosing attitude to everything many idiot bishops do and say is following the mesage of Christ then you are wrong. Problem is that your in america – you smell the incense and see the ritual and it affects your mind and reason.

  5. “You make me feel ashamed to be a Catholic – isn’t it time you left the Church to take your poison elsewhere?!”

    Who can argue with that blinding logic? The Archbishop was absolutely correct. The nine year girl had been through hell, and it was a terrible situation. The doctors killing the twins she was carrying changed none of the evil that was done to her, but merely added two more names to the innocents put to death by abortion.

    The vatican backs the excommunication.,23739,25155346-954,00.html

    Maybe you think the Pope should leave the Church?

  6. You’re seriously praising Sobrinho for his vicious heavy-handed excommunication?

    And why not? These doctors looked at this unspeakable crime, and proceeded to kill two of the three victims.

    If someone is to be killed as a result of this crime, it should be the rapist-father-grandfather — not the innocent children who resulted from his crime.

  7. it’s not really even the bishop who acted here, it was the doctors and parents themselves who excommunicated themselves by virtue of their actions. The bishop simply declared what the universal law of the Church is… those who procure abortion are automatically excommunicated.

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