Tiller the Killer Goes on Trial

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Tiller the Killer, a/k/a George Tiller, the foremost practitioner in this country of the disguised infanticide known as late term abortion, goes on trial today.  The attorneys for Tiller the Killer have attempted every legal maneuver known to man to stop this trial, but to no avail.

Tiller is accused of paying off a second doctor who would give him a medical opinion stating that a late term abortion was medically necessary so that he could legally perform the contracted killing.  Now I know it will shock, shock regular readers of this blog to even consider that a man who earns his daily bread by killing unborn children could be guilty of such an ethical lapse.  However the state does have a pretty persuasive witness:  the second doctor.  Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus, the second doctor, has been granted immunity from prosecution, and I would assume therefore that the state has a deal with her in exchange for her testifying against Tiller the Killer.

That Tiller the Killer is on trial, even for relatively minor offenses, is a tribute to Phil Kline, former Attorney General of Kansas and former state’s attorney of Johnson County, who has basically sacrificed his political career waging a one man war against Tiller the Killer.

Kline was target number one by the abortion industry because of his relentless investigation of a subject that is taboo to discuss in our society:  the number of underage girls coerced into abortions because they are involved in illegal sexual relationships with older men.  Behind pretty phrases like “woman’s right to choose” and “privacy”, the ugly reality is that the abortion industry is the best friend that predatory males in coercive relationships with younger females have ever had.  The abortion clinics refuse to comply with laws requiring that they report suspected sexual abuse;  if they did it would be very bad for their profit margin.  This of course also explains why the abortion lobby fights tooth and nail against parental knowledge laws requiring that parents be informed before an abortion is performed on their underage daughter.

Tiller is well connected politically, from Kathleen Sebelius, pro-abort Democrat Governor of Kansas, and the nominee of President Obama to head HHS, down through the Democrat party in Kanas.  Here is a good summary of Tiller’s successful efforts to wield political power in Kansas through using his money to win elections for his pro-abort allies.

Bluntly, Tiller the Killer is a monster who earns his money from destroying the most helpless among us.  That a man of his stamp is protected by the Democrat political establishment of Kansas is a damning indictment of the state of our politics and our society today.  That he is going on trial today is a reason for joy;  that it isn’t for contract murder would be a reason for despair if we didn’t know that there is a much higher tribunal he will one day stand before.

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One Comment

  1. Don, you have dug out one of the factors that will bring revulsion and ickiness to the abort industry. Not just that Tiller The Killer is on trial. But also one of his prime specialties- abortions for underage females due to pressure from their older boyfriends. Let the feminists wiggle out of that little trap. Let a few of these girls cry on Oprah’s couch or get special treatment on a newsmagzine program. Then the whole It’s My Body issue gets turned inside out. Not to mention how the T-Man operates during the trial. Whether ideology will get in the way of a likely long prison sentence. And no Kitty Kat Sibelius or other highly-place lib to bail him out this time. I could complain about the highly biased AP story- biased toward Georgie- that made the rounds over the weekend. But people have better things to do and it hides in plain sight. Have fun, Georgie. Be nice to large men named Bubba in the slammer.

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