Frs. Zuhlsdorf & Longenecker Have Nothing On Fr. Ramsey

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Fr. John Zuhlsdorf and Fr. Dwight Longenecker have been waging cyberwarfare in out clericing the other.  Well I’d like to introduce Fr. James Ramsey.  Real priests don’t wear cappa’s!  ;~)


Fr. James Ramsey, pastor of Our Lady of Walsingham (OLW) in Houston, Texas, is shown in his priestly attire prior to celebrating his first Mass.  Fr. Ramsey is shown wearing his cassock, or soutane, and a black cappello romano hat, or saturno (since it kind of looks like Saturn with her rings), with black lining.  The cappello is not worn during Mass, only for a practical matter in very sunny Houston.  Keep in mind this is picture was taken on the first Sunday of A.D. 2009, where it was 50 degrees outside!

OLW is an Anglican Use parish of the Roman (Latin) Rite and Fr. Ramsey is a former Episcopalian priest who has been serving the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston faithfully for many years.  So his cassock may have an Anglican accent to it.


The above photo is a better view of the cappello hat.  You can clearly see the black lining at the base of the hat.  A Cardinal’s cappello used to be red until Pope Paul VI changed that rule.  They are now black but with a red and gold cords with a scarlet lining.  Bishops have green and gold cords with a violet lining.  There are no cords for priests cappello’s.

For more information on clerical clothing click here and here.

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  1. Cassock is the garment; cossacks are on horseback.

    Soutane is another name for it; soultane is an Arabic surname.

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