Catholic Democrats of Ohio vs. the Catholic Bishops

Rich Leonardi (Ten Reasons) posts some particularly damning evidence as to where the Catholic Democrats of Ohio’s loyalties reside on the matter of Notre Dame’s honoring Barack Obama with a law degree:

In the event you are unsure which word in the group name “Catholic Democrats” is more important, this release should provide some clarity

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  1. It looks like the Democrat Party, at least sections of it, want to start a kulturkampf against our Bishops. If that is want they want, bring it on!

  2. Dear Democrats,

    Your party is calling you. Certain bishops of the Catholic Church are not just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk. As faithful Democratic party members we must mobilize in opposition to these papist swine!

    The partisan politics have to stop!

  3. After looking at the events of the past year I have trouble sayiing if RUDY had got elected some major substantive “Catholics for Republican” organization (is there such a creature) would be supporting Rudy speaking at Notre Dame

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