Major Development in Iran

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Yesterday the most important group of clerics in Iran, the Association of Researchers and Teachers of Qum, called the Presidential election in Iran illegitimate.  It is now impossible for the Iranian regime to claim the Iranian Resistance is restricted to a handful of malcontents or foreign agents.  This is the grimmest news yet since the election for the Iranian regime, and the best news that the Resistance has received.  Good analysis here at Hot Air by Ed Morrissey.  Now the Iranian regime has to decide if they are going to arrest and hang these clerics who have been the mainstay of the regime as they have been hanging protesters.  The clerics speaking out indicates clearing that there is a strong division among the ruling elites in Iran as to whether Ahmadinejad and his puppet masters can stay in power.  This coming week could be decisive in Iran.

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  1. This coupled with the news that Saudi Arabia has granted Israel flyover rights could mean some restless nights for the Ahmadinejadites.

  2. just out of curiosity… what are the prevailing opinions of Mousavi? Wasn’t he the guy the US did arms trading with in the 80s?

    Trying to remember…

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