Here's to You Mr. Jefferson

With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel.  Hattip to Smitty at the other McCain.  A parody song dreamed up by Mike Church.  If the Founding Fathers could see the fix we are in today with government spending, I am sure it would anger them but it would certainly not surprise them.

Most of the Founding Fathers warned their posterity, that would be us, time and again of the dangers of powerful, unconstrained government and we have largely ignored them.  With California leading the way to fiscal insolvency, and the rest of the nation not far behind, we are heading towards an economic meltdown of frightening proportions.  I hope that out of this completely avoidable debacle we will at least take away new-found respect for the Founding Fathers who somehow managed to win a Revolution, start a new nation and establish a fiscally sound economy.

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