Lying Worthless Political Hack Calls Opponents of ObamaCare Nazis

I must say, although I have never been a fan of the Lying Worthless Political Hack, I was surprised at this latest example of the depths of her political ineptitude and detachment from reality.  As to her comment about “astroturfing” ( creating a fake, rather than a real, grassroots movement), David Axlerod, the campaign manager of Obama, built a large fortune by mastering the techniques of astroturfing as this article here relates.  Alas for the Lying Worthless Political Hack, as the polls amply indicate, the opposition to ObamaCare is real and growing.

Update: The indispensable Iowahawk has the White House Under Minister for Truth, former ABC and CBS reporter Linda Douglass, explaining here all about those evil townhall mob agitators!

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  1. One of the cultural problems that stem from gerrymandering and de facto one party rule: never having to face a credible opposition slowly teaches you that the opposition is never credible.

    Add in someone with the combustible demerits of Ms. Pelosi, and you get moments of unreality like this.

  2. As a member of the “…most diabolical cabal standing in the way of our great push forward for your health!” I appreciate your comments.

  3. I think maybe the swastikas are meant for her. I mean, were the Nazi’s in favor of socializing health care?

  4. Basic ground rule: The first person who compares their opponent to Hitler/Nazis loses the argument, automatically. You have revealed that your position has no logical underpinnings and simply relies on emotion.

  5. Patrick,

    I think maybe Jay made up that rule.

    Though Pelosi lives in Bizarro World called the Castro District of San Francisco, so she only gets her information from the SF Chronicle and Milo the Fortune Teller.

  6. As horrible as a person as she is, I would rather have her as president. She doesn’t possess the Kool-Aid factor. No one is going to follow her off a cliff.

  7. Hmmm, we’re being called Nazis now. Babs Boxer thought the crowd who booed Spector was suspiciously well-dressed (because we all know genuine protestors have long unwashed hair and wear T-shirts with obscene slogans). And, of course, we’re all rednecks too.

    Forget terrorists – the republic is in mortal peril because of well dressed Nazi rednecks.

  8. I think maybe Jay made up that rule.


    I appreciate your giving me credit, but, actually, that’s called Godwin’s Law.

    What I came up with was a similar corollary that applied to people bringing up the priest sex abuse crisis in any discussion involving the Church or the Catholic Bishops.

    You can call that one “Anderson’s Law”, if you’d like.


  9. There, too, is another corollary which amounts to the “Tito Taco Law”, which essentially involves bringing up the Archbishop Romero scandal in any discussion wherein Tito is involved in order to win over any argument by simply demonstrating Tito is nothing more than an Anti-Catholic, as MM & Iafrate previously indicated in earlier threads.

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