Reaction To The Passing Away Of Ted Kennedy Around The Catholic World

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Ted Kennedy and Pope John Paul II

Here are what Catholics are saying on the passing away of Edward Moore Kennedy around the web (updates from around the web have ended as of 8-26-2009 AD at 6:32 pm CST):

It’s Already Started: The Party of Wellstone Uses Kennedy’s Death for Political Opportunism by Jay Anderson of Pro Ecclessia

Mixed Record?! my hind end by Rich Leonardi of Ten Reasons

I had been praying for his spiritual health by Jean M. Heimann of Catholic Fire

Fisking Dissident Catholic Sister Fiedler’s Gushing Over Ted Kennedy’s Pro-Abortion Views by Father John Zuhlsdorf of What Does The Prayer Really Say?

A Response To The Dissident Catholic Sister Fiedler’s ‘Proud Catholic’ Article On Ted Kennedy by Patrick Madrid

Will Ted Kennedy Get A Catholic Funeral? by Robert Kumpel of St. John’s Valdosta Blog

Will Ted Kennedy’s Opponents Miss Him? Most Definately. by Damian Thompson of the London Daily Telegraph

Cry not for Ted Kennedy Sister Fiedler by Chris Gillibrand of Catholic Church Conservation

NARAL awarded 100% pro-abortion voting record to senator, who also championed embryonic stem cell research, same-sex “marriage.” by Kathleen Gilbert of

Only God Knows by David L. Alexander of man with black hat

It’s entirely appropriate that the day before St Monica’s feast day Ted Kennedy passes away by Leticia Velasquez of Causa Nostrae Laetitiae

“Let not this weak, unknowing hand presume Thy bolts to throw, And deal damnation round the land on each I judge Thy foe.” by G. Thomas Fitzpatrick of Recta Ratio

Ted Kennedy: A man of missed opportunities for greatness by Russ Shaw of Our Sunday Visitor Daily Take

Edward Kennedy and Northern Ireland by Tom McFeely of the National Catholic Register

He now knows the full horror of what he’s done by Paladin of Thoughts of a Regular Guy

Ted Kennedy leaves mixed Catholic legacy by Catholic News Agency

Jerry Falwell and Ted Kennedy Were Close Friends by Joe Carter of First Thoughts

Ted Kennedy, Healthcare & Purgatory by Elizabeth Scalia (The Anchoress) of First Things

Review: Journalistic Admiration for and Championing of Senator Edward Kennedy by Brent Baker of Media Research Center

Good Ted Kennedy, Bad Ted Kennedy by Mark Stricherz of True/Slant

Edward Kennedy, 1932-2009 AD, Requiescat In Pace by Tito Edwards of the American Catholic

Sons of Perdition: How Certain Catholic Priests Turned the Kennedys Pro-Abortion by Patrick Madrid

How Support for Abortion Became Kennedy Dogma by Anne Hendershott of The Wall Street Journal

Chappaquiddick: No Profile in Kennedy Courage by Susan Donaldson James of ABC News

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Although her constitution was very frail, her spirit was endowed with such singular strength that, knowing the will of God in her

PopeWatch: Pro-Abort Bishops Out in the Open

  Well, some of the main Francis Bishops and Cardinals are dropping the pretense of being pro-life: BALTIMORE, Maryland, November 12, 2019


  1. Rod Dreher makes a good observation: it would be impossible for a politician to get away with Kennedy’s drunken womanizing and manslaughter in today’s 24/7 scandal-loving media environment

  2. People thought it was a scandal of the worst sort when President Obama got his honorary doctorate from Notre Dame. It seemed to indicate the Church’s approval of Obama’s view that abortion is not a moral evil but a human right. But, frankly, that was a pretty indirect sort of endorsement compared with the one that will be given when Ted “Abortion Rights” Kennedy’s ever-so-Catholic funeral is televised–with Barack Obama (that “Vatican II” politician) delivering the eulogy. I wonder how many cardinals will be there to kiss the casket?

  3. Ron,

    I’m no fan of Kennedy’s, but I disagree. A funeral, and prayers for the dead, is the very least that the Church owes anyone. Indeed, the entire purpose of a funeral is to pray for the soul. (The Catholic purpose, that is; the pop-culture purpose is sometimes a sort of pop-culture canonization, but the Church can hardly help that.) There is nothing untoward in Senator Kennedy receiving a full Church funeral.

    In one thing we are all united: we shall all stand trembling before God’s throne at the moment of judgment. It befits us ill to carry grudges beyond the grave.

  4. But aren’t there certain conditions under which a Catholic funeral is not allowed for a particular person? If so, do those apply here?

  5. Here in America we have a FEW outstanding Bishops. The rest have proven themselves boy-bishops. If they had any credibility left after the assinine activity of the past few decades, Re: priest scandals etc. They have lost what little thay had left in allowing this farce. We have the obligation to bury the dead BUT the admonition of Sacred Scripture is clear on this one… if one has given scandal it would be better he had a millstone tied around his neck and drown in the deoths of the sea. Not Ted… the Bishops who give us yet another gross scandal.

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