Day 2: Reaction To The Passing Away Of Ted Kennedy Around The Catholic World

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Ted Kennedy young

Day II of what Catholics are saying on the passing away of Edward Moore Kennedy around the web (will be continuously updated until tonight at 7:00 pm CST):

A Catholic Funeral for Ted Kennedy by Dr. Edward Peters of Canon Law

A Catholic Funeral for Ted? It’s a Lie, a Sham, a Scandal, a Pretense, an Insult to faithful Catholics by Robert Kumpel of St. John’s Valdosta Blog

Dissident Catholic America magazine doesn’t want to talk about Ted Kennedy’s stance on abortion and trashes Patrick Madrid by Father John Zuhlsdorf of What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Who can have a Catholic Funeral & more by Elizabeth Scalia of The Anchoress via First Thoughts

What Ted Kennedy Might Have Been If He Followed Sister Eunice’s Example Of Remaining Pro-Life by Jay Anderson of Pro Ecclesia

I Hope He Repented… …Massachussetts Governor CAN Appoint A Interim Senator Only After Labor Day by Michael Denton of For the Greater Glory

Ted Kennedy and the “A Word” by Donald R. McClarey of the American Catholic

How Did Ted Kennedy Get His Cancer? by Steve Kellmeyer of The Fifth Column

Let The Spin Begin! by Vir Speluncae Catholicus of the Lair of the Catholic Cavemen

A Catholic In Good Standing? by Jeff Miller of The Curt Jester

Kennedy’s Priest Discusses the Role of Faith in the Senator’s Life and Death by Father John Zuhlsdorf of What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Cardinal Mahony: Kennedy Was Champion of Powerless by Matthew Archbold of Creative Minority Report

Kennedy and the Culture Wars by Father Raymond de Souza of the National Catholic Register

I Pray For His Eternal Soul by Jeff Miller of the Curt Jester

I am greatly concerned about his soul and I will pray for him by Confiteor of The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen

Ted Kennedy, A Devoted Father by Tito Edwards of American Catholic

Yesterday’s top reactions to the passing away of Edward Moore Kennedy:

Will Ted Kennedy Get A Catholic Funeral? by Robert Kumpel of St. John’s Valdosta Blog

Fisking Dissident Catholic Sister Fiedler’s Gushing Over Ted Kennedy’s Pro-Abortion Views by Father John Zuhlsdorf of What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Mixed Record?! my hind end by Rich Leonardi of Ten Reasons

Ted Kennedy, Healthcare & Purgatory by Elizabeth Scalia (The Anchoress) of First Things

Sons of Perdition: How Certain Catholic Priests Turned the Kennedys Pro-Abortion by Patrick Madrid

He now knows the full horror of what he’s done by Paladin of Thoughts of a Regular Guy

A Response To The Dissident Catholic Sister Fiedler’s ‘Proud Catholic’ Article On Ted Kennedy by Patrick Madrid

Cry not for Ted Kennedy Sister Fiedler by Chris Gillibrand of Catholic Church Conservation

It’s Already Started: The Party of Wellstone Uses Kennedy’s Death for Political Opportunism by Jay Anderson of Pro Ecclesia

It’s entirely appropriate that the day before St Monica’s feast day Ted Kennedy passes away by Leticia Velasquez of Causa Nostrae Laetitiae

For the rest of yesterday’s reactions click here.

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