Res et Explicatio for AD 9-7-2009

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Salvete AC readers!

Buckle Up! Because here are today’s Top Picks in the world of Catholicism:

1. Sadly most of us will miss the Catholic Report blog run by Dave Hartline.  Due to pleasant new circumstances of a new member of the family, Dave will be rolling back some of his extra-curricular activities to attend to his growing family.  In addition Dave will be the newest contributor to the American Catholic website and joining our family of writers.

2. Since First Things began gobbling up good bloggers such as Spengler, Wesley J. Smith, and Elizabeth Scalia and adding writers such as the American Catholic’s own Christopher Blosser, Jay Anderson, and Joseph Bottum under the First Thoughts blog, their website has gotten a WHOLE lot better.  Many interesting stories and newsbites all neatly marketed in a spiffy new look.

I suggest you all check it out here.

3. Steve Skojec renamed his blog 40 Days.  He’s slowing down in posting but for certainly good reasons.  He moved out west to my college town of Tucson, Arizona to help with family.  I look forward to more of his provocative posts, but in the meantime keep him and his family in your prayers.

4. A new blog that has been out since March of this year that covers the scandal enveloping Legionaries of Christ is called Cassandra. The authors is using the pseudonym of Cassandra Jones and has been posting apolitical and fine articles documenting “the purification of memory” of the Legionaries.

5. On belated news, Dawn Eden has called it quits or at least indefinite hiatus as she stated it concerning her blog The Dawn Patrol.  She posted that she has an Internet addiction and this is a step towards rectifying her problem.

6. In more belated news and on somewhat a similar note to Dawn Eden and relating to Cassandra’s blog, Tom Hoopes has resigned as editor of the excellent Catholic newsweekly, the National Catholic Register.

Get all the details here, here, and here.

7. For the last Res et Explicatio click here.

8. For more news and commentary click here.

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