In Reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Some swine in Auckland, New Zealand have decided to grab some cheap publicity by blaspheming the Mother of God at Christmas time.  If you want your blood to boil you may see a story about the blasphemy here.  Other than urging actions that a lawyer should not, I think the proper response to this is to repeat this prayer:

Act of Reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary
O blessed Virgin, Mother of God, look down in mercy from heaven, where thou art enthroned as Queen, upon me, a miserable sinner, thine unworthy servant. Although I know full well my own unworthiness, yet in order to atone for the offenses that are done to thee by impious and blasphemous tongues, from the depths of my heart I praise and extol thee as the purest, the fairest, the holiest creature of all God’s handiwork. I bless thy holy name, I praise thine exalted privilege of being truly Mother of God, ever virgin, conceived without stain of sin, co-redemptrix of the human race. I bless the Eternal Father who chose thee in an especial way for His daughter; I bless the Word Incarnate who took upon Himself our nature in thy bosom and so made thee His Mother; I bless the Holy Spirit who took thee as His bride. All honor, praise and thanksgiving to the ever-blessed Trinity, who predestined thee and loved thee so exceedingly from all eternity as to exalt thee above all creatures to the most sublime heights. O Virgin, holy and merciful, obtain for all who offend thee the grace of repentance, and graciously accept this poor act of homage from me thy servant, obtaining likewise for me from thy divine Son the pardon and remission of all my sins. Amen.

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  1. I always find it helpful to remember that the people engaging in such things are doing far more harm to themselves than to Mary, me or the Church. No need to call him a swine, or anything else. As your post goes on to indicate, he needs prayer more than insults.

  2. Actions as despicable as these deserve not mercy, mind you (else, we do not impose just penalty and treat these individuals as responsible agents), but above all else, in absence of (to say the least) much necessary reparation and indeed penance, may certain consequences befitting such reprehensible deeds befall the individual: more specifically, an eternal roasting of a sort at a spot in Hell where the fires never die and where his/her soul may find unending torment.

  3. “No need to call him a swine, or anything else. As your post goes on to indicate, he needs prayer more than insults.”

    The perpretrators definitely need prayers. However, the description swine in this case is not an insult. It is as close to an accurate description as I could come for a family blog.

  4. Cracking this kind of “joke” on the spur of the moment, among a group of lowlife friends while roaring drunk, is one thing. Paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to post it on public billboards, during the Christmas season, in the most in-your-face manner possible is another. Whoever came up with this idea is one seriously disturbed puppy.

  5. Hi Don.
    This has created quite a storm over here, as can be witnessed on a couple of blogs I comment on.
    Firstly, which has a post Dec.18th 10 am. entitled “Billboard defaced” , this post follows on from one the previous day entitled “Now they’re complaining about a Church”.
    This is a secular political conservative blog, but if you check the comments, it doesn’t take much to bring all the worms out of the woodwork.In the comboxes much of the vitriol is from atheists, agnostics or anti Catholic protestants. You will see some of us, including prots and reasonable non relilionists.

    Our own Catholic blog, has also discussed this yesterday.

    And now it has gone global – USA and UK. Well the Reverend (gag) Glyn Cardy, the Loony Liberal Canon of this very liberal Anglican church has had his reward. He can smile smugly to himself in the full knowledge that insulting Mary, Joeseph, Jesus and God the Father has brought him world wide “acclaim”, and his reward is as we are told in the gospels, of this world.

    Most rational kiwis, including some atheists I have seen comment, recognise this as cheap, smutty, insulting, degrading and hypocritical. Still, what can you expect from a “priest” who promotes homosexuality(may be gay himself)thinks Jesus’ conception was by Joseph or some other man, does not believe in the bodily Ressurection etc. The man isn’t even Christian to hold those beliefs.

    I guess we have to put aside the righteous anger and pray for the poor slob.

  6. Thanks for the update Don. There is nothing lower than a Christian minister of any denomination who seeks cheap publicity by attacking what he is paid to support.

  7. A loony liberal Anglican canon is responsible for this? Why am I not surprised? (I couldn’t bear to read the story too closely the first time around).

    Reason 12,389 for traditional Anglicans to jump the Tiber…

    Don the Kiwi, what does the local Catholic bishop think of this? Some years ago Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Ill. wrote several outraged letters to newspapers over some guy in the Moline, Ill. area who proposed to name his bar the “Hail Mary Sports Bar and Grill” in reference to the last-minute desperation plays American football fans sometimes refer to as “Hail Mary passes.” The bishop called that “blasphemous” and I believe the owner did decide in the end not to use that name.

    Methinks something like this billboard would be enough to make any observant Catholic bishop lose his lunch, or at least his coffee, especially if he happened to see it while driving or reading the news online….

  8. Hi Donna.
    Haven’t heard anything oficial from our Catholic bishops, however it appears that the inappropriately named Arch-deacon Glyn Cardy has been censured by his Anglican bishop, and ordered to remove the sign.

    However, he’s too late. Yesterday an affronted christian painted out the offending billboard, actually while the TV cameras were there for a news item that night, and during the radio interview I listened to with Cardy yesterday afternoon, and he said the sign would be replaced.

    When the billboard was replaced today, a 70 year old woman attacked it with a knife, and cut it to bits. Then when they were going to fix it, somebody stole the thing 😆

    Cardy has condemned the vandalism: but a year ago when the Waihopai sattelite tracking station was attacked by a catholic preist and two supporters in protest against the US, and caused nearly a $1mil. damage, Glyn Cardy spoke out in support of them.( the priest and his supporters have been prosecited and are nore doing time). Cardy’s birds have come home to roost. The billboard is not going to be replaced. 🙂

    Today on David Farrar, the host, has posted “Christian Intolerance”. Now David is a good bloke, but when it comes to matters religious – particularly Catholic – I have on a couple of ocasions told him he is Waaaayy out of his depth.
    Likewise today, where he even criticised Pius X11 and his failure to censure the Nazis for their attacks on Jews.

    Further info, if you are interested, is on – the posters are predominantly catholic.

    Cheers and God bless all.
    Don Beckett

  9. “When the billboard was replaced today, a 70 year old woman attacked it with a knife, and cut it to bits.”

    I can think of a few rosary saying ladies of a certain vintage in my parish who would have done precisely the same thing! 🙂

  10. All of my life I’ve been puzzled by protestants who are so afraid of Mary. She is the best Mom ever. She helps me every single day with whatever comes up. What in the world is so scary about that???

  11. Muslim fanatics blow up civilians on buses and SOME of these same people are willing to excuse and dismiss it on the grounds that they are poor and oppressed.

    Christians cut up a billboard that, if it depicted say Mohammed in a similar way, would start World War III and probably lay the groundwork for World War IV, and they’re “intolerant”.

    I think the destruction of this billboard is the least we can do. God bless that little old lady for having more guts than the vast majority of American Christians.

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