Previewing President Obamas State of the Union Address

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[Updates at the bottom of this post as of 1-27-2010 at 4:20pm CST]

Victimhood personified by a modern liberal of the Democratic Party.  Where is Harry “the BUCK stops here” Truman?

If that is what President Obama is going to be talking about, I have better things to do.


Update I: Highlights of the draft are as follows with emphases and comments mine

1. “Rescue, Rebuild and Restore” is the theme, so far, for tonight’s State of the Union address.

2. Saved America from 2nd Great Depression [Dramatic don’t you think?].

3. Win popularity contest in western Europe [Who cares?].

4. Possible most outrageous quote of the draft: “making government more accountable, accessible and transparent [You’re kidding right?  Transparent?  Like the Health Care process that was aired on C-SPAN?  Oh, right, that never happened, continue] to all Americans.”

To read the rest of this from Fox News click here.

Update II: Irish bookies are placing 250 to 1 odds that President Obama will say “life is like a box of chocolates” in the state of the Union address.

Other odds are that he’ll wear a Stars & Stripes tie are 100/1, that he’ll say “always bet on black500/1, and the length of the speech being somewhere around 52 minutes long are 9/4.

For the rest of the lines click here.

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  1. I am sure he will discuss his spending freeze proposal. Supposedly, he increased government spending by about 25% but only plans to freeze about 4% of his spending.

  2. Maybe you should go back and read Ronald Reagan’s and George W. Bush’s first state of the union addresses. Did they personify Harry “The Buck Stops Here” Truman? I think not. They talked about where the country wason the day they gave their speeches in terms of how the country had gotten there – in other words, they looked back. So, Reagan and Bush 43 must have been cases of victimhood personified by “modern” conservatives of the Republican Party, don’t you think?

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